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Innovative Logistics Solutions For Temperature-controlled Healthcare Products and Medical Goods

At Zipline Logistic , we understand how critical it is to have temperature-controlled logistics solutions for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Our team is skilled and experienced to address the challenges burdening the healthcare industry like lack of products, expired inventory, inefficiency in delivering the right products, ordering errors and so on. Zipline Logistic offers end-to-end tech-based solutions to ensure the efficient delivery of healthcare and pharmaceutical products through standard shipping methods.


Warehouse  a highly occupied place with the constant movement of inventories from one place to another. A key to successfully managing inventory, especially for ‘medical, pharma and perishable goods like food items, supplements, proteins, etc., is to divide them into batches and label them with a  unique identification number. These identification numbers help you manage, sort and handle inventory in an efficient manner.


Supplier’s Batch Number:

Every healthcare or pharmaceutical consignment manufactured by the seller will have separate batch numbers. This will help the team handling the inventories identify and separate any contaminated or damaged products from the finished and ready-to-ship consignments.

Expiry Date:

Each batch of medical or pharma goods produced will also have an expiry date, which basically states that these goods are not safe to use after the expiry date mentioned. Eventually, once the goods remain unsold in the warehouse until the expiry date, they are destroyed.


Since medical, pharma and perishable products have limited shelf life, the consignments are moved out on the following basis:

  • FIFO (First in First out): This is a common approach adopted wherein the products are shipped based on its arrival date at the inventory and regardless of their remaining shelf life.
  • FEFO (First Expired First out): This shipping methodology is primarily used for healthcare, pharma, cosmetics and perishable goods that often have a limited shelf life. The products are picked in the order of expiration, so products closest to expiration are picked first. This methodology ensures the delivery of high quality products to the customers and on-time.


Zipline Logistic  is one of the most trusted logistics partners when it comes to storage, handling and distributions of pharmaceuticals and medical products. We have been accredited with drug licenced approved facilities for warehousing pharma and other healthcare related products. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is Healthcare Logistics?

Medical logistics related pharmaceutical, medical, surgical supplies, medical devices, and other products needed to support doctors, nurses, and other health and dental care providers, and also need proper temperature control warehouse systems. With all these facilities Zipline Logistic is one of best healthcare logistic companies in India.

What is the Healthcare Supply Chain?

A healthcare supply chain or supply chain management includes different terms and movement of medicines, surgical equipment, and many products needed by medical professionals.

What is logistics in healthcare?

Medicine Logistics Services are a set of design, planning and execution activities which involve purchasing, inventory management, and replenishment of goods and services.

What is logistics in the pharmaceutical industry?

Pharmaceutical Logistics Services not include transport of pharmaceutical products but storage as well. It requires specific equipment, storage facilities, harmonized handling procedures and, above all, strong cooperation among the cold chain logistic partners.

What does Pharma Logistics do?

It involves overall supply chain management, medical logistic services and many more things. It gives full services distribution of overstock, expired and in-dated pharmaceutical products.

Why Choose Our Service

Zipline Logistic is one of India’s leading tech-based logistics solutions providers and highly specializes in temperature-controlled warehouse facilities and transport networks throughout the country . We take pride in offering diverse and top-class logistics services including sterilisation, product authentication, etc.

With advanced planning, innovative strategies and a professional team we are able to help many healthcare companies witness smooth and efficient shipping of their cargo. Our healthcare logistics solutions are designed to adhere to standard quality norms and regulations. With the help of latest technologies, we guarantee world-class services in terms of quality, accuracy and efficiency.


Our advanced facilities ensure the complete safety and security of your cargo. Our ability to safely transport temperature-sensitive and time-critical healthcare components and medicines have been appreciated by many of our clients. Our highly trained and well-established medical logistics team offers customised solutions to meet your requirements. The smart warehousing storage facility along with safe delivery services makes us the best in the industry. With the help of our advanced technology & automation, we are capable of handling any type of cargo irrespective of its size, volume and nature. So hands with us and take your healthcare supply chain to the next level.


To ensure stability and management, Zipline Logistic offers a wide range of tailor-made and integrated supply chain solutions for all your inventory needs. Furthermore, we have extensive knowledge of all the national and international export & import laws to provide the best possible services and ensure the growth of your business. By choosing Zipline Logistic healthcare logistics management, you can rest assured that all your sensitive medical and pharma products will be handled with extreme care throughout its journey at reduced costs. 

We are a team of highly trained professionals with expertise in providing logistics services in the following sectors: 

  • Hospital & diagnostics
  • Medical products & devices
  • Biotechnology & pharmaceuticals
  • Perishable goods & cosmetics

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